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AVAT – Adult Vaccination Advocacy Toolkit

The Adult Vaccination Advocacy Toolkit is supported by an unrestricted grant by Pfizer Global.

Vaccination is a simple, safe and effective way of protecting people against harmful infectious diseases and is a key component of healthy ageing.  Yet globally, rates of adult vaccination are suboptimal, and rarely focus beyond influenza in targeted campaigns addressed the mortality and life-altering impact of pneumococcal pneumonia, pertussis and shingles.

The Adult Vaccination Advocacy Toolkit responds to an urgent call from stakeholder and advocacy groups.  It is designed to help build the capacity and capability to influence and shape adult vaccination policy at local, national, and global levels through an evidence-to-action model of engagement across sectors and disciplines.

The simplification of the vaccine pathways, expansion of the pool of vaccine administrators, effective targeted adult vaccination campaigns, and an environment that strives for vaccination equity are key policy drivers ready for change.

Be part of a global community that comes together to improve uptake rates of adult vaccination  – promote, use, send examples of good practice and feedback what works and what doesn’t workHelp make the AVAT come alive!

Learn more about the Adult Vaccination Advocacy Toolkit key messages here.

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Webinar 1: Empowering civil society to address policies that constitute barriers for improving adult vaccination rates.

To launch of the Adult Vaccination Advocacy Toolkit the IFA was pleased to host the webinar “Empowering civil society to address policies that constitute barriers for improving adult vaccination rates.” 

The goal of this webinar is to empower civil society to take action to advocate for changes in these policies to create a world of healthy older people whose rights to safe and appropriate vaccines are protected and respected through programs that hold high the principles of prevention, access, and equity.

Download the webinar resources below:

1. The Adult Vaccination Advocacy Toolkit
Ms. Monica Takahashi
Project Officer, IFA

2. The imperative of expanding vaccination pathways and providers
Gonçalo Sousa Pinto
FIP Lead for Practice Development and Transformation

3. Empowering civil society to address policies that constitute barriers for improving adult vaccination rates
Dr. Julia Tainijoki-Seyer
Medical and Advocacy Advisor, World Medical Association

The IFA will be launching the Adult Vaccine Advocacy Toolkit (AVAT) early this year as a way to influence and help shape policy to improve uptake rates of adult vaccination, with a goal of helping to build the capacity and capabilities of civil society organizations. The objectives that IFA has with the AVAT are:

1. To provide an overview of the adult vaccination landscape that includes barriers to improving uptake rates.
2. To describe the main policy issues that may impact decisions about vaccination at an individual and population level.
3. To describe policy approaches and build associated knowledge assets to promote adult vaccination by addressing specific barriers experienced by older people.
4. To help build the capacity of civil society to effectively influence vaccination policy through evidence informed practices.

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