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Vaccines 4 Life
Vaccines 4 Life
Vaccines 4 Life

Our vision

A world of healthy older people whose rights to safe and appropriate vaccines are protected and respected through programs that hold high the principles of prevention, access and equity.

Our Objectives

The goal of V4L is to improve uptake rates of adult vaccination globally. Most countries do not reach the WHO and the European Union’s target of 75% influenza vaccination coverage for vulnerable groupsii .

Overview of Activities

Trusted, respectful relationships that help build the capacity of others are at the core of the V4L program activities.

Why do vaccines work for all?

The International Federation on Ageing asked members of the World Coalition on Adult Vaccination: Why do vaccines work for all? Here are some of their responses.

The United Nations Decade of Healthy Ageing and the Immunization Agenda 2030

The International Federation on Ageing’s Vaccines4life aims to serve as a global point of connection and network of experts from around the world to shape and influence age-related policyThe work is guided by the targets and objectives of the Immunization Agenda 2030 (IA2030) and the UN Decade of Healthy Ageing

The goal of the combined agendas is to ensure that healthy ageing is achieved globally by implementing a life course approach to immunization and progressing towards the sustainable development goals.  Prevention, access and equity are the three pillars of action that ground the country’s policy levers and frame our intentions. 


News and Resources

Explore up to date information about a wide variety of V4L projects, download reports, latest videos, press releases and get access to helpful infographics.


Areas of Expertise

Prevention, access and equity are foundational in a cross-disciplinary agenda which aims to improve awareness that translates to changed behavior against the life-threatening consequences of VPDs.  Through the lens of these three pillars, V4L strategically targets the key themes of primary integrated care, long-term care and vulnerable populations, age-friendly environments, combating ageism, and immunization for all ages.


Prioritise immunisation throughout life as a key pillar of expanded prevention strategies and a central component of universal health coverage.  


Remove barriers to access for appropriate immunisation throughout life to ensure all people are protected and no one is left behind.


Reduce inequities in timely, appropriate, and affordable access to immunisation throughout life. 


Healthy ageing is about creating environments (including immunization protection) and opportunities that enable people to be and do what they have reason to value, regardless of where a person lives their lives.  To support this, the VacciNet database include various materials under the following themes:  


Join us!

Take advantage of this global networking opportunity, and learn from partners and leaders in the field of ageing!

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Health promotion and disease prevention in later stages of life are necessary to a healthy ageing population but require combating ageist attitudes, beliefs and practices of society, healthcare providers and the broader policy environment.

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