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Changing the Conversation on Adult Influenza Vaccination: Brazil

Brazil appears to have one of the highest influenza vaccination rates of older adults (98.2%) and those with chronic conditions (86.3%) in the world.  Compliance of the target populations is largely attributable to the strong government-led influenza vaccination campaign which relies not only on remote communication but also on face-to-face mobilization.

The national campaign is highly organized and well-planned with clear target audiences, appropriate timelines, evidence-based information and the use of multiple communication tools.  Campaign messages are widespread and visible in everyday life through websites, television, radio, newspapers, bus and subway panels.  An enhanced and unique part of the Brazil’s campaign is a series of activities on the national mobilization day, including consultations and services across over 41,800 mobile vaccination spots.

By contrast, the campaign led by the civil society is relatively weak and underdeveloped.  Only the Brazilian Society of Diabetes and the Brazilian Society of Immunizations have provided messages about influenza prevention and adult vaccination to their members and the general public.


Portuguese translation of the report and infographic are available below.

Changing the Conversation Report cover

Campaign Overview: Brazil Report

View the report providing an overview of
the adult influenza campaign in Australia.

Campaign Overview: Brazil Infographic

View the infographic providing a summary
of the adult influenza campaign in Brazil.


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