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Changing the Conversation on Adult Influenza Vaccination: China

In China, public health authorities such as the National Health Commission and the Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (China CDC) are leading forces that drive public health education and communication on adult influenza vaccination, yet there are considerable gaps in messaging especially to at-risk populations. The gaps uncovered, however, should be tempered with the reality of one of the largest populations in the world, and the absence of a national immunization plan.

The free influenza vaccine program is not available for at-risk groups at a national level which in some way impacts the maturity of messages to the public.  Immunization across the life course is not generally communicated as a preventative measure within a public health framework; and this remains one of the key obstacles to improving uptake rates across the nation.

In the absence of a universal campaign guide, the emphasis of the national campaign is largely misplaced—most education materials and information are produced for health care professionals, and to a lesser extent consumers.  Messages directed at the public and at-risk populations are still in the early stages of development and as such resources are limited and insufficient.  Additionally, the information sharing is restricted because of the lack of hard copies and formatted education materials.

While the China CDC website is a primary source of information for consumers to learn about influenza-related knowledge, it is not fully developed nor updated, e.g. the surveillance data is only up to 2005.  Moreover, online information about influenza and vaccines is not organized so users need to shift back and forth to obtain all relevant information.


Mandarin translation of the report and infographic are available below.

Changing the Conversation Report cover

Campaign Overview: China Report

View the report providing an overview of
the adult influenza campaign in China.

Campaign Overview: China Infographic

View the infographic providing a summary
of the adult influenza campaign in China.


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