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Changing the Conversation on Adult Influenza Vaccination: Germany

To increase the seasonal influenza vaccination coverage in all at-risk groups identified, there is an annual national influenza awareness campaign under the leadership of the Federal Centre for Health Education (BZgA) in collaboration with multiple public health authorities.  Messages and campaign materials are delivered via web information, fact sheets, posters, brochures and press releases.  Online information targets the general public with the purpose of educating the influenza and vaccination facts.  However tailored messages addressing the specific demands of these groups largely disseminated through offline channels including brochures and posters and remain relatively inadequate.

Beyond government actions, there are very few voices in civil society calling for an increased awareness and informed actions on influenza vaccination.  Only two organizations have created messages to help improve understanding of influenza and their communication is restricted to a single channel (either brochure or press release).


German translation of the report and infographic available below.

Changing the Conversation Report cover

Campaign Overview: Germany Report

View the report providing an overview of
the adult influenza campaign in Germany.

Campaign Overview: Germany Infographic

View the infographic providing a summary
of the adult influenza campaign in Germany.


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