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Population ageing is a rapid global phenomenon that has profound implications for all aspects of health and well-being and health systems development. By 2030, about 1 in 6 people or about 1.4 billion people, will be aged 60 years or over. With the significant shift in age distributions globally, there is an unprecedented demand for the implementation of comprehensive life course immunization programs.

National Immunization Technical Advisory Groups (NITAGs) are multidisciplinary country-level expert committees tasked with providing independent, evidence-based advice to policymakers and program managers on immunization and vaccine policy issues. NITAGs play a role in fostering healthy ageing, and as such are inextricably linked to the United Nations (UN) Immunisation Agenda 2030 and the UN Decade of Healthy Ageing (the Decade) 2021-2030, yet adult vaccination rates are suboptimal globally.

A high-level review of 34 country NITAGs was conducted to better understand the process rigour, transparency, accountability, and composition of experts in line with the life-course approach to immunization. Study findings led to the recommendation that NITAGs broaden its membership in line with the life course approach to healthy ageing to guide comprehensive national vaccination programs beyond childhood in order to achieve the strategic priorities of the Immunization Agenda 2030.

The IFA’s most recent study “Evidence to Action: A review of the National Immunization Technical Advisory Groups” showcases a comprehensive review of NITAGs across 34 countries, highlighting the need for improved evidence-based decision-making in immunization of older adults.

As a mechanism to respond to the study findings toward strengthening the role of NITAGs to improve vaccine confidence across the life course the IFA is convening an interactive dialogue among experts in ageing, public health, and immunisation.

The “Interactive Dialogue on the Integration of Life-course Approach to Immunization within NITAGs” invites key experts to participate in the translation of evidence by exploring the implications of the study findings in the context of the United Nations Immunization Agenda 2030 and Decade of Healthy Ageing. A moderated panel discussion will consolidate and propose recommendations that will inform advocacy strategies for policy change and strengthen the role of NITAGs.

Please check back soon for the recording.


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