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The Dutch Influenza Foundation (Nederlandse Influenza Stichting, NIS) aims to contribute to the prevention and reduction of influenza-associated disease. It advocates implementation of evidence-based national recommendations for immunization with the flu shot by engaging stakeholders, risk groups, researchers and through (social) media communication.

In the late nineties, the NIS abrogated itself after contributing to the successful increase of the Dutch flu vaccination coverage rate. Perhaps a bit too soon – considering that vaccination coverage rates started dropping in the late zeros. In May 2018, the Dutch senior citizen association (KBO-PCOB) rang the alarm bells. They noticed an increasing flu disease burden among their members. KBO-PCOB requested the government and society to come up with an “action plan on winter mortality”. And that’s why and when it was decided to re-establish the NIS.

1. (Co-)organize a stakeholder consultation of parties involved in flu vaccination
2. (Co-)organize a national flu shot day, to mark the launch of a national vaccination campaign with a national flu shot day.
3. Launching a Dutch version of the Influenza Hub.
4. Stimulate vaccination among Health Care Workers.