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Easy Care LogoEASYCare Health strongly supports the campaign to increase vaccination uptake in old age to help promote healthy ageing. EASYCare Health is a Social Enterprise Company whose mission is to improve the lives of older people throughout the world by using standardised methods to identify the concerns of older people about their health, independence and well-being, and mobilize support based on the priorities of the older person and their families.

With 25 years of development, experience of use in 44 poor, middle income and rich countries, and with more than 80- peer-reviewed publications about the validity and effectiveness of the approach, we know that low rates of vaccine uptake is one of the key threats to health, independence and well-being in old age. That is why we include routine enquiry about vaccination uptake in our assessment methods and encourage older people to make sure they are up to date with their vaccines.

EasyCare will be working with the World Coalition on Adult Vaccination to develop our assessment methods, guidance and training systems so that we can highlight this issue with people involved in front-line care for older people and provide data about the extent to which older people regard this as a concern for their health and care.

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