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Happy Ageing LogoHappyAgeing is the Italian Alliance for Active Ageing, founded in 2014 to promote in Italy policies and initiatives to protect the health of older adults and develop the indications of the European Commission on active ageing face.
The foundational core of HappyAgeing part the Italian Society of Hygiene , the Italian Society of Geriatrics and Gerontology , the Italian Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation , unions FNP CISL , SPI CGIL and UIL Retired , the Elderly and Retired ACLI Federation and Federsanità ANCI .

The operating mode of the Covenant are realized through the confluence of all the organizations that are concerned with the welfare of the elderly and the development and replication at national level of experience successfully implemented in the local context and validated scientifically by HappyAgeing partners.

For more information, please access Happy Ageing’s website: