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Vaccines are Our Weapon in the Fight for Quality of Life

April 21, 2020  · 1 min read

Diseases such as influenza, pneumococcal pneumonia and herpes zoster (shingles) are preventable through immunization. Preventing these diseases decreases hospital admissions, preserves functional ability and prevents death.

In an interview with the IFA, Expert Dr. Mine Durusu-Tanriover describes vaccines as a weapon for fighting off these potentially debilitating diseases, enabling at-risk groups such as older adults to age in a healthy manner. She also emphasizes the power of vaccines in maintaining functional ability and quality of life among older adults.

“No one wants to live a long life bedridden” – Dr. Mine Durusu-Tanriover

Unfortunately, vaccination uptake rates among older people are below targets. Dr. Durusu-Tanriover argues doctors should educate patients on how vaccines are a powerful tool in preventing diseases in order to shift the paradigm.

As a consultant of acute care in Ankara, Turkey and Professor of Internal Medicine at Hacettepe University with over 40 peer-reviewed articles, Dr. Durusu-Tanriover is an expert in the field of adult vaccination and can be contacted through the IFA Expert Centre.

This week during World Immunization Week, the IFA joins national and international partners such as Dr. Durusu-Tanriover in spreading knowledge on the importance of vaccination, providing resources and advocating for the use of vaccines to protect people from all ages against preventable diseases.

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