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Diabetes Frail Ltd ( and its associated Foundation for Diabetes Research in Older People) is a not-for-profit medical research organisation dedicated to learning more about frailty and its linkage with diabetes in older people. We are the primary and leading site in Europe for studies in this emerging field. Professor Alan Sinclair is Founder and Director, and has launched the Diabetes Frail project to further explore the emerging importance of frailty as a better-defined concept in ageing populations and its association with diabetes. Diabetes and frailty may be causally related and operate through each of the key components of the frailty phenotype or via the associated medical co-morbidities. Diabetes Frail undertakes European Union-funded research including the recent FP7-funded MIDFRAIL study which is the first large scale RCT to demonstrate that exercise combined with nutritional education and medical optimisation can lead to improvements in function in older frail patients with type 2 diabetes.