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Changing the Conversation on Adult Influenza Vaccination: Canada

Although vaccine recommendations are made at the national level, decisions regarding the introduction of new vaccines into publicly funded programs are primarily a provincial/territorial responsibility.  Currently, Canada’s 12 provinces and territories have provided free influenza vaccine for persons aged 65 years and over and people with severe chronic conditions with the exception of Quebec which provide free influenza vaccine starting at age 75 and over.

At the national level, the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) drives an impressive influenza communication campaign through messages to the general public via various channels including the governmental website, video and digital tools as well as hard copy materials such as leaflets and booklets.

Public communication on influenza and the importance of vaccination is a shared responsibility between the federal and provincial governments in Canada and public health authorities.  In broad terms the federal government has set out a coordinated communication strategy calling on and guiding jurisdictions to work together to arouse public attention on influenza.

Civil society (patient organizations, advocacy groups and professional associations) are actively and constantly engaged in campaigns to deliver consistent and complementary communication that meet the specific needs of at-risk populations.  A notable example of good practice is the campaign from Immunize Canada showcasing good practice in influenza vaccination communication.

Changing the Conversation Report cover

Campaign Overview: Canada Report

View the report providing an overview of
the adult influenza campaign in Canada.

Campaign Overview: Canada Infographic

View the infographic providing a summary
of the adult influenza campaign in Canada.


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