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Healthy Ageing

A life course approach to vaccination is critical to healthy ageing and maintaining and improving the functional ability of older adults.

Focusing on At-Risk Groups

People with chronic diseases are at greater risk to vaccine preventable diseases and associated complications, however vaccine coverage is suboptimal. Though people with non-communicable diseases may deal with multiple health concerns, it is critical that vaccination is prioritized appropriately.

The Business Case

There is a strong business case for adult vaccination, with return on investment far outweighing cost.

Addressing Barriers

Recognizing and addressing key barriers to vaccination including access, knowledge, and data limitations are essential to help build capacity for improvement within and across countries.

Campaigns and Public Health Messages

There is a need for evidence-based campaigns and public health messages promoting vaccination across the life course, targeted to at-risk groups such as older adults and those with chronic disease.

Vaccine Safety

Effectively communicating vaccine safety is essential to building vaccine confidence among groups at-risk to vaccine preventable diseases.
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