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Our Vision

Aligned with the Decade of Healthy Ageing (2020-2030)2 and the WHO Immunisation Agenda 20303, the Vaccines4Life (V4L) Program envisions a world in which vaccination throughout life is a pillar to healthy ageing, recognized through appropriate governmental investment in prevention and promotion.

Working at national, regional and global levels, V4L aims to unify messages and collective actions across stakeholders to influence and shape policy and practice. Inherent to this focus is improving the uptake rates of adult vaccination by responding to local barriers and helping to build in-country capacity and collaboration.

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Our Objectives

Vaccine4Life exists to drive a new narrative on adult vaccination in the context of healthy ageing. Prevention, Access and Equity are foundational in a cross-disciplinary agenda which aims to improve awareness that translates to changed behaviour against the life-threatening consequences of vaccine preventable diseases.

Overview of Activities

Improving the uptake rates of adult vaccination globally in the context of healthy ageing has been a key workstream for the IFA for some 8 years. During this time, IFA has become a leading voice in the drive to increase investment in public health prevention vis a vis vaccination, raising awareness of the complex nature of accessing vaccinations in many health care systems, and being an advocate for parity across the life course.

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