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The goal of V4L is to improve uptake rates of adult vaccination globally. Most countries do not reach the WHO and the European Union’s target of 75% influenza vaccination coverage for vulnerable groupsii .

V4L is framed by three independent yet connected intentions:

  1. To be a reliable source of information, evidence and good practice across sectors and disciplines on the link between adult vaccination and healthy ageing.
  2. To mobilize knowledge, experts and expertise through the creation and use of innovative platforms and channels of communication.
  3. To influence and help shape policy related to adult vaccination and at-risk groups through capacity building at the national and international level.

iWHO (2008) Vaccination greatly reduces disease, disability, death and inequity worldwide. Available at: Last accessed: April 2020.

iiECDC (2018) Seasonal influenza vaccination and antiviral use in EU/EEA Member States. Available at: Last accessed: April 2020.

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