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Changing the Conversation on Adult Vaccination

This webinar is made possible through an unrestricted educational grant from Sanofi Global.

Webinar 1: Good Practice in Multisectoral Engagement



This webinar features keynote speakers Radu Ganescu (President, Coalition of Patient Organizations with Chronic Diseases) and Daniella Quaggia (Senior Project Manager, Active Citizen Network) that explore multisectoral action, its purpose and importance in helping to influence and shape policy and tangible actions directed to adult vaccinations.

Townhall: Good Practice in Targeted Vaccination Communication

This townhall features keynote speaker Mr. Philip Weiss (Founder and CEO, ZN Consulting) who shines light on the significance of targeted communication strategies to ensure vaccination campaign planning and implementation is tailored to the diverse needs of the most at-risk populations.

Discussion: Good Practice in Interactive Vaccination Communication

This discussion features expert remarks by Ms. Krystle Lai (
Associate Director, Public Health, Evoke KYN) who aims to increase importance of integrating interactive communication approaches into promoting adult vaccination and explores sustainable strategies to enhance meaningful communication practices to reduce vaccine hesitancy and increase uptakes.

Lessons Learned and Champion Model:

Good Practice in Interactive Vaccine Communication by Krystle Lai, Associate Director, Public Health

Good Practice in Development of Effective Vaccination Messages

This discussion features expert remarks by Dr. Lois Privor-Dumm and aims identify and increase knowledge on the key components that are intrinsic to an effective adult vaccination communication action plan.

Ms. Privor Dumm IFA Changing the Conversation on Adult Vaccination- Good Practice in Development of Effective Messages slide deck

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