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Engage with us

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The IFAs 16th Global Conference on Ageing, entitled “Challenge – Transformation – Change” is an international platform to improve our understanding of age-friendly environments, to debate the solutions to address inequalities, to confront the reality of ageism, and to delve into what it means to enable the functional ability of an older person.


The IFA invites colleagues to please partake in the questionnaire for ongoing research studies.

*Please note that there are no surveys available at the moment. If you want to stay up to date on any V4L work, please subscribe to the monthly newsletter.

Adult vaccination education program: Understanding (person) patient experiences ECHO

The Adult vaccination education program: Understanding (person) patient experiences ECHO program aims to gain a deeper understanding of the patient (person) experiences that shape vaccine-related decisions and build practical solutions to the barriers faced in order to drive policy actions to increase uptake rates.

Ongoing opportunities

Join the Adult vaccination healthcare professional education ECHO program (AV-HCP ECHO)

Adult vaccination advocacy toolkit (AVAT)

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Register for the 16ᵗʰ Global Conference on Ageing

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