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Changing the Conversation on Adult Influenza Vaccination

Changing the Conversation on Adult Influenza Vaccination is a ground-breaking study conducted by the International Federation on Ageing (IFA) on the status of influenza campaigns focused on the most vulnerable members of our population – older adults and those with underlying chronic conditions.  

Influenza, one of the most common infectious diseases, kills up to 650 000 people every year.  Of these deaths, some 90% occur in people aged 65 years and older.[i]  While the influenza vaccine is a recommended action, rates of vaccination remains sub-optimal among older adults and those with weaker immune systems.  This study showed unequivocally that insufficient attention is paid to implementing effective public health communication on adult influenza vaccination.

1 World Health Organization (2014) Influenza Fact Sheet No. 211. Retrieved from:

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This report represents the first component of “Changing the Conversation on Adult Influenza Vaccination” and describes the findings of a ten country environmental scan of public health messages pertaining to influenza vaccination from governmental, and patient and advocacy organizations. 

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